38mm Scrimshaw Engraved Ivory Dial Piaget Altiplano Scrimshaw Replica Watch

Austrian engraver “Ritchi” Maier Piaget Altiplano Scrimshaw Replica Watch has dedicated the past 30 years to both the preservation and advancement of this ancient craft. One of the oldest art forms, man has always found ways of embellishing objects around him: carving a mammoth’s tooth, engraving a bone or a horn. Entering Richard Maier’s world of hand engraving is discovering unparalleled craftsmanship and an unrelenting passion for a dying craft. With prowess, he has mastered two distinctive techniques: Bullino or dot engraving on steel with a fine burin delivering almost photographic quality designs, and the art of Scrimshaw, the 18th and 19th century whaler’s practice of etchings made in whale bone or ivory emphasized with coloured pigments.

Piaget Altiplano Scrimshaw 38 Mm

Always on a mission to break new boundaries for his craft, Maier now embarks on his first collaboration with a watch brand sharing his savoir-faire with piaget altiplano 38mm replica watch. Like a poet shaping verses to compose a sonnet, or an artist choosing colours for his canvas, Maier’s meticulous engraving process transforms precious metals, steel or bone into a one-of-a-kind works of art. Just like the engravers who came centuries before him and have so greatly influenced him, Maier is determined to establish his very own artistic legacy. While preserving a noble craft for future generations, he is ensuring that his unique engraving will be remembered for its own distinctive style.

Piaget Altiplano Scrimshaw 38 Mm
Absolute precision, a steady hand and artistic flair are the qualities he soon achieved, as he embarked on a career as engraver that eventually led him to set up piaget altiplano replica watch Trompeter & Ritchi, an atelier based near Stuttgart renowned for producing some of the finest Bullino engravings and Scrimshaw in the world.
He eventually found his way to engraving school in his native Austria to learn what has become a disappearing craft. Destined to become an artist, the young Maier spent his early years drawing and painting, bringing the world around him to life through his pictures.
With the tools he builds himself, he skilfully etches thousands of small lines and dots into the material he has chosen to engrave using a microscope. Loyal to the early techniques he mastered three decades ago, Maier still uses a traditional hammer and chisel engraver. It can take up to 700 hours to create just one piece. Patiently, Piaget Replica Watches engraves the hundreds of points and lines per square millimetre creating the textures and contrasts that form the detailed designs. Often inspired by the magic of Africa and its rich wildlife, first the form, then the coat and the face of an animal appears, ingeniously etched a luxury hunting gun, a handcrafted knife, a bone or a tooth depending on the technique he has chosen.


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