Best Quality Jaeger LeCoultre Aston Martin Tourbillon GMT Replica Watch

Their first Jaeger LeCoultre Aston Martin Tourbillon GMT Replica Watch reinvented the chronograph by removing pushers on the side of the case & creating a vertical trigger system deployed by pushing the glass at twelve to start the chronograph & at six to reset it. The focus on aesthetics while not taking away from their signature complicated watches is what sets Jaeger LeCoultre apart & this is very evident here. The date, set around the outside of the dial skips over the Tourbillon carriage so at no point do you have the date hand obscuring your view of this quite incredible complication. A detail often overlooked but precisely why Jaeger LeCoultre is such a go to Brand for us.

Jaeger LeCoultre Aston Martin Tourbillon GMT

Jaeger LeCoultre are no ordinary watch makers & jaeger lecoultre aston martin replica are certainly not making run of the mill cars. An elegant refinement of the normal system but one that paid clear attention to a drivers needs. This perspective clearly outlined the ethos of the Amvox collection.

The piece we will discuss however is a personal favourite of ours & one of the best looking high end sports watches on the market today. None other than the Amvox 3 Tourbillon GMT in black ceramic & rose gold. The marriage of form & function is clearly evident with an AM/PM indicator to aid your GMT facility, offered via a third hand that can be easily hidden behind the hour hand should you choose not to use it. The openwork Tourbillon carriage is visible via an ornate rose gold bridge that despite its size does not deter from the legibility of the dial. The date, however is where JLC earns its stripes.

Jaeger LeCoultre & Aston Martin have a relation reaching back over decades but began their contemporary collection in 2005. Watch & car collaborations had been the rage at the time, an idea that seems to have stuck with more recent ventures between the likes of Bugatti & Parmigiani. In most case, like the jaeger lecoultre replica watches creations, existing complications were simply modified or elaborated upon to take advantage of the drawing power of two major marques.


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