Black Monobloc Rado Ceramica Konstantin Grcic Watch Replica Online

The Rado Ceramica Konstantin Grcic Watch Replica Online was smoother and shinier, for sure, and anyone who owns or has handled one knows what I’m talking about. Rado produced quite a bit of fanfare when the original was released due to the use of their patented plasma high-tech ceramic. His designs are clean and functional but not overly embellished. Rado has a history of using unique materials for their casings, though, and had previously used cermet, a titanium-ceramic alloy, in the Sintra. The Rado Ceramica seems like a good starting point for his foray into horology. Grcic’s work as an industrial designer has led him into the realms of furniture with Magis and Mattiazai, while some of his work is on display at the Museum of Modern Art.The Rado Ceramica is known for being a modernist piece.

Rado Ceramica Konstantin Grcic Watch

Well, now rado ceramica replica  has collaborated with industrial designer Konstantin Grcic to breathe life into an already well-known piece with the new Rado Ceramica Konstantin Grcic watch (at least, that’s how we’ll refer to it). Still present is the sleek stature and minimalist couture, only this time, Grcic has taken a few liberties with the infamous sheen of the originals. Let’s take a look to see how he has been able to give it his interpretation.

Rado Ceramica Konstantin Grcic Watch

Grcic worked with rado replica watch to produce four pieces in this collection: two men’s watches and two for women. Each piece is rated for a 50-meter water resistance and houses a curved sapphire crystal. The “Signature Model” also varies in that it showcases a custom numbered engraving out of 701 pieces. The men’s line features Ref. 256.0706.3.016 and Ref.” Each piece measures 30.0 x 41.7 x 7.6 and both models exhibit a more subdued matte black monobloc case with a PVD-coated caseback crafted from titanium. 212.0708.3.015 which they call the “Signature Model.


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