Introduction: replica tag heuer monaco 24 steve mcqueen chronograph automatic mens watch

In 1969, the Swiss driver Jo Siffert became the first F1 racer sponsored by non-car brand,and make landmark sponsorship is TAG Heuer – Professional replica tag heuer monaco 24 steve mcqueen chronograph automatic mens watch manufacturer, when it has been well known in racing circles. But make TAG Heuer to the world is not car racing, but a racing movie named “Le Mans”, adapted from my real experience of Siffert,popular Hollywood star Steve McQueen presented his intact on the big screen,including the Monaco watch on his wrist.

Tag heuer monaco 24 calibre 36 automatic chronograph replica watch  is a small town with population of 200,000, but has an international reputation as Paris, because from the beginning of 1923, this is the world’s toughest car race venue. 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Formula One Grand Prix (F1) and the World Rally Championship (WRC) known as “the world’s three major auto races”, 24 hours a day and three drivers take turns driving is a huge test for vehicles reliability, driver’s driving skills and willpower, team cooperation and collaboration vendors technical strength and brand heritage, 24 hours keep accurate also made more severe and precise requirements for event timing devices also make Le Mans racing watchesIt has become the most shining star in the history of watches.

It is the first automatic chronograph,in order to show off without winding,TAG Heuer’s crown design in the left side of the case, with striking blue, love by thousands of fans and fans worldwide. Become famous because of Le Mans, tag heuer monaco 24 replica watch  immediately launched Monaco 24 series, use dial’s huge number “24” to pay tribute to the greatest race, then, hydraulic shock absorber, belt drive, a silicon escapement and other cutting-edge watchmaking technology is used in Monaco the series, high price make it become a TAG Heuer ‘s truly top watches.


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