New Style Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black Replica Watch

New Style Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black Replica Watch is important to clarify that regardless of our ‘press status’, we didn’t have the chance to look at this watch before its release like other media outlets did. You guys also know especially those of you that are compulsive watch flippers, that many times we buy watches by impulse and as a mere ‘fix’ for that watch collecting addiction we have, only to end up flipping the new watch within days or just a few weeks after the purchase. Well, all we can say is that at least for us, this new Tudor BBB is a keeper.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black

Today, we are going to approach this hands-on review in a very different way. Instead of focusing on all the technicalities and the pros and cons of this new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black Replica Watch, we will strongly focus on the emotions that surround a watch purchase and why we still love the new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black the ‘BBB’ after 21 days of ownership. As you all watch collectors know, timepieces not only track time for us, but they also gather memories as we wear them.

As soon as the new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black ref. 79220N was released on October 14th, 2015, we decided to take the plunge and buy one the next day when it was supposed to hit the Tudor authorized dealer network. However, to our luck, the day the watch was released, we were en route to Las Vegas —one of the world’s watch shopping paradises as we featured it here. As soon as we deplaned, we called every Tudor Replica Watch authorized dealer in Las Vegas to inquire about the watch. After many calls, we were devastated to hear that some of the authorized dealers didn’t even know about the new release and others didn’t know when the watch would make it to their boutiques.


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