Patek Philippe Replica World Time Watch for the Ladies

Patek Philippe Replica watches

Patek Philippe Replica watches

A ladies watch usually catches my attention because of it’s looks, and intricate artwork. This watch from Replica Patek Philippe doesn’t have an over whelming amount of either. But unlike most ladies watches I’ve seen, this watch caught my attention because a special function it’s capable of doing. I think this is great because why should men’s replica watches hog all of the utility?

In 2011, Patek Philippe decided to put a feminine spin on their famous patek philippe world time watch replica by releasing the 7130G (I’m talking about the watch, not the Blackberry :P). The first thing you’ll probably notice when looking at the watch is the names of 24 cities on the dial. All of those cities are major metropolitan areas, and each of them are in a different time zone. Twenty-four hours are in day, hence 24 time zones are on the planet. The main thing that makes this watch special is its ability to indicate the time for all 24 time zones simultaneously!

Other features include a 36mm white gold case, a white gold bezel set with 62 diamonds, an alligator leather strap, and the prong buckle is set with 27 more diamonds! This watch also has self-winding movement, 48 hour power reserve, and water resistance to 30 meters. Like Blackberry’s 7130G, Patek’s 7130G is quite expensive. However, one can easily obtain a great and much affordable product by buying a replica patek philippe world time ladies.


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