Snowy Obsidian Chaumet Dandy Arty Open Face Obsidienne Neigeuse Replica Watch

The Chaumet Dandy Arty Open Face Obsidienne Neigeuse Replica Watch savoir-faire adorns it with two new flanges in ornamental stones, protected by a sapphire glass. Indeed, the snowflakes of the Snow Obsidian model or the golden hues of Tiger’s Eye continue their journey towards the hours, minutes and seconds.

Chaumet Dandy Arty Open Face Obsidienne Neigeuse

The watchmaking savoir-faire of the Maison transforms it into a living spectacle. On the reverse, the case-back unveils, through a sapphire glass that has been engraved with the emblematic Dandy striped motif, the automatic rewinding mechanism designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht for chaumet dandy arty open face replica, featuring an oscillating weight adorned with the Dandy tapisserie motif. The movement plate has been skilfully cut-out to reveal a section of the mechanism’s bridge as well as the perpetual rotation of the second’s wheel.

Chaumet Dandy Arty Open Face Obsidienne Neigeuse

Snowy Obsidian and steel or Tiger’s Eye and pink gold are the two original duos presented for this bold new Dandy Arty, edited in two limited series of 12 and 18 pieces and equipped with a black patent leather strap with a striped satin decor and folding buckle.

The Arty edition offers a new version of the chaumet replica watches, launched in 2009. The classic dial disappears to reveal the movement plate, black lacquered and surrounded by an extra-large audacious flange. Telling the time becomes horizontal with the hours and minutes positioned on one side of the dial, at 9 o’clock, and the small second’s indicator on the other, at 3 o’clock. The cushion-shaped case pays tribute to pocket watches and the crown is positioned at 12 o’clock. Today, Chaumet ventures further into bold design with an Arty watch that is even more surprising than ever.


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