Tag Heuer 24 monaco Calibre 36 Automatic Chronograph Watch Combining Retro style with Modern Touches

This beautiful replica TAG Heuer 24 Calibre 36 watch is definitely something any man would want to wear on their wrist. It is inspired by the legendary 24 hour race at Le Mans and also was worn by the main character in the movie with the same name. The watch manages to capture the retro style in a combination of modern touches.

It is also quite famous for its Advanced Dynamic tag heuer monaco 24 calibre 36 replica that protects the movements but also the oscillating mass that resembles the racing wheel. The series has also been continued and discontinued, first it was discontinued in 1970, and it came back in the 90s, and then was reintroduced in 2003, with new and better mechanisms. This is definitely a watch for race lovers and those who are a bit nostalgic and want to wear some retro colors.

Here we have the TAG Heuer replica 24 Calibre 36 and the original watch put together so that we can see the differences clearly. There are some differences, however, not as many as for other replica watches. The first difference that we see is the brand logo on the top of the watch dial. On the original watch we can see a dark brand logo in the background with silver accents that create the pattern. However, there is no contrast between the background and the color on the letters.

The second difference that we can notice on the tag heuer monaco 24 calibre 36 automatic chronograph replica watches is the date function. On the original watch the background there is black and the date is written with white numbers; however, on the replica watch the background is white and the numbers used are black. Another detail that is noticeable about the replica watch is the small color on the crown; you can easily see that the one on the replica watch features a red color while the one on the original watch has no color at all.


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