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Under the influence of tag heuer silverstone blue replica watch, however, the company increased the variety of shapes it proposed — some watches became oval or cushion shaped. In 1969, Jack Heuer solved the impossible puzzle of the square, waterproof case with the unforgettable Monaco — the boldly original watch worn by Steve McQueen in the 1970 race film classic Le Mans. Stopwatches also benefited from this acute design imperative. Five years after, in 1974, the company launched the Silverstone chronograph, with a totally new square and round case design. With its aperture at 12 o’clock, the Monte-Carlo of 1958 was the most readable sports timer in the history of watchmaking.Before the 1920s, watch faces were round; it was impossible to imagine representing the flight of time differently. The artist Richard Sapper designed the Microsplit in 1976, and the stunning piece was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. To be the watch brand and timekeeper of reference in the world of motor sports requires well-designed instruments with maximum readability. In 1977, the square – oval case of the Chronosplit (the world’s first quartz wrist-chronograph with LED and LCD display, launched in 1975) was followed in 1977 by the Manhattan model, with its startling hexagonal shape.

tag heuer silverstone blue

This leading-edge design focus can also be seen in TAG Heuer boutiques and in its Baselworld booth, SKIN. The most avant-garde booth ever built for the prestigious watch fair, tag heuer silverstone replica won the Silver Award in EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 23rd Annual Exhibit Design Awards competition in 2009. Now, to celebrate and pay homage to 150 years of pioneering design, TAG Heuer is reissuing on of its most iconic creations of all time: the SILVERSTONE chronograph.Since the 1990s, TAG Heuer has worked with world-famous designers like Eddie Schöpfer (2000, S/ el), Jorg Hysek (6000, Kirium), Roberto Ventrella (Alter Ego), Ross Lovegrove (Avant-Garde Eyewear) and Christoph Behling (Grand Carrera). The brand is a repeat winner of every major watch design award there is, including 5 Red Dots, 1 DFA, 2 IF Design, 1 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design, 1 China’s Most Successful Design Award, and 2 Design Watch of the Year Prizes at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

tag heuer silverstone blue

Since the beginning, it has been a pioneer in watch design, even if the term “design” was not always used.TAG Heuer timepieces epitomize prestige and performance, brilliantly fusing technology with design. The world leader in luxury sports watches and chronographs since 1860, TAG Heuer has always focussed on the “look” of its watches.

TAG Heuer was Ferrari’s timekeeper throughout that decade, but it was also partnered with tag heuer replica watch, BRM and Surtees-Ford, and every driver from these teams wore a TAG Heuer watch. In 1974, the year the SILVERSTONE was launched, Clay Regazzoni and Emerson Fittipaldi became TAG Heuer ambassadors.The top drivers of the 1970s admired the SILVERSTONE chronograph for its distinctive name, unique shape and avant-garde look, and the buzz they generated helped make it a style icon of the period. The two legendary drivers chose the chronograph as personal lucky charms.


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