Steel Case Ulysse Nardin FreakLab Swiss Replica Watches

At Baselworld 2017, It had some hands-on time with the initial version of the Steel Case Ulysse Nardin FreakLab Swiss Replica Watches in 18k white gold, At its heart, the watch features the entire silicon gear train on the dial which is actually located on the minute hand. but we also have images in here of the also-limited-edition Ulysse Nardin FreakLab Boutique in black-colored titanium and carbon fiber which (as its name implies) will only be sold at Ulysse Nardin mono-brand stores.

Ulysse Nardin FreakLab Swiss Replica Watches redesign and strengthened this crucial connection point in the watch and also gave it the ability to absorb some vibration and shock. This comes after a series of interesting innovations to this system which include removal of the top pin (early versions of the Freak actually had a pin in the sapphire crystal over the dial right down through the watch) as well as a dual escapement system (Dual Ulysse Escapement).

It sounds like a child’s chocolate candy, but it isn’t digestible by humans. Rather, the innovative system specially designed for a Freak-style watch is a silicon shock absorber system designed for the pinion which holds the entire hand/running gears/regulation system on the dial. This is easily the most sensitive element of the Ulysse Nardin FreakLab Replica Watches  and rather heavy (comparatively speaking) given that it rests on just one connection point.

What I like more is that Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches keeps upping the ante on their seminal silicon watch (the Freak was the first production Swiss watch to include silicon parts as components in the mechanical movement), adding more features and increasing the durability and performance of the system.