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The first difference we can see is the upper chronograph, which has different numbers than the one on the genuine brand watch. The second difference is on the tachymeter which has chunkier numbers on the genuine watch compared to the replica. Also, we can see that the logo is golden on the original watch and less pronounced, while on the replica there is a darker color and a logo that stands out more. The watch stem is also different as the one on the replica watch is more flat and wider. The l Read more
Breitling have not always been quite so apart from the mainstream as they seem to be now, but the signs have been there for decades. Still very much a private company, there’s more than a hint of old-school Swiss mores and independence about the brand if you care to look past the black and yellow branding.True to form, the latest versions of the Navitimer, unveiled (if that’s the word) at Baselworld a few weeks ago, completely ignore the industry’s direction of travel over the last five years or Read more
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