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It’s been way to long since I’ve got my hands on one of these Cartier replica watches so I’m glad I got the chance to make this video review today. It’s also the first Cartier Santos fake watch I review on my blog so that’s a good addition to all my fake watches video reviews too.Not your average replica Cartier Santos though as this is one of the simplest and cleanest versions out there. Don’t get fooled though as this baby goes for about $19k as an original so that’s a pretty damn hefty price Read more
I recently got a few inquiries on some of my older Cartier fake watches reviews and I’m thinking that today it would be a good idea to re-vamp some of them because they’re really not many and I did review a few good quality replica Cartier watches that might not come up very easy on your searches. Cartier replica watches are definitely in the top 5 searches and most popular brands so I think a good attention and some good reviews will help many of you trying to figure out what’s the best Cartie Read more

Left on the Tube: £2,300 camera, two Cartier watches and oboe worth £600

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Two Cartier watches and an oboe were among the lost items that earned Transport for London almost £300,000 this year.More than 260,000 items were left on the transport network between January and October this year — the largest number for years.Over the same period 4,292 unclaimed items were auctioned off, raising £296,327 for TfL, the Standard has learned.TfL says it does not profit from the proceeds. Instead, the income subsidises the cost of running its Baker Street lost property office, now Read more